It's Full of Sparks is a frantic platform game in which each firecracker is unique and if it explodes, it’ll not be back  You have only seconds to react. Help them finding the Old One, a mythical firecracker that found the way not to explode, to live forever ... but, what is a firecracker if it never explodes?
Published by Noodlecake
"It’s Full of Sparks impressed me throughout with how well thought out virtually all of its individual elements are. The resulting package is one that harnesses the arcade free-to-play zeitgeist of the App Store whilst adhering to some surprisingly complex and compelling concepts" — Toucharcade — 
Bronze Rating by PocketGamer
4,5/5 by Toucharcade
2 million downloads
in the week of its launch
Featured in App Stores worldwide, 
Top6 free downloads in App Store China
Top14 in most App Stores in western countries
Nominated for the XI National Video Game Industry Awards Gamelab 2018,
in the Best Mobile Game section.
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