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A long time ago...
We were born in 2012, Straddling Barcelona and Cervera, as an adventure to do what we always wanted since we were kids: beautiful and fun games, small pieces of art.
After the excellent feedback from our first two experiments aimed at children ("GardenLab" -2013- and "Dismonster" -2014-, both awarded at the "El Chupete international festival"), we decided to get into a more ambitious project in every field: It's Full Of Sparks. 

It's full of sparks… and set everything on fire
Keeping our initial philosophy: a small and involved team, capable of approaching and developing with love and care all the details of the game (from the script, the gameplay, the visual aspect, and the animation to the level design... even the music) and the search for original concepts, we invested 2 years of development in the new game. 
Finally, in partnership with Noodlecacke, we launched "It's full of sparks" in 2018 and... ta-da! 2 million downloads in the first week, game of the day on AppStore globally, very positive reviews in specialized publications and it still appears today in many lists of the best games... something clicked at that moment...

Growing up, without losing the pleasure of dancing
The creative machine didn't stop for a moment, and while we were flooding the world with firecrackers, we started to evolve two ideas in parallel: a mix of arcade and card game, finally called "Shell Shocked", and a game that mixes giant plushies, rhythm challenges and small military enemies -yes, you read that right-... "Giant Dancing Plushies"
We expanded the team a bit and got a new publisher involved in our projects: Rogue Games. The shakiness of at least matching the success of "It’s Full of Sparks" has been overcome with the results. "Shell Shocked" (2019) and "Giant Dancing Plushies" (2020) have been received by the public and critics with the same amazement and enthusiasm, have excellent download numbers, and have become Game of the Day at Global level in Appstore, Game Selected by Apple Editors Team, and our giant plushies were chosen to inaugurate the Google Play Pass service in exclusive.
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